Surya Abadi Furniture is a family Furniture manufacturer built in 2002 by husband and wife ( Haryanto and Rining Nur Farida ) in the small village near Solo Central Java which initially had less than 40 employees. We offer many collections of products with natural resource materials such as rattan, banana leaf, water hyacinth, seagrass, reclaimed wood, branch wood, root wood, boat wood, and many other natural resources of woods. Our products are varied from a dining table, side table, coffee table, console table, stool, chair, mirror and many home decoration collections.

We can produce and export 2-4 containers of 40 feet and value of good around USD. 8,000/ctn.

This process run until early 2008.
However, after the Economic Global Crisis in 2008, our main material ( Rattan ) and other local components were very expensive, as a result, our Company became unsteady and even almost experienced a bankrupcy. Thankfully, we managed to save our employees to avoid any dismissal.
Facing these difficult and uncertain conditions, we both tried to make new innovations by looking for new cheaper material and finally we started to buy teak root and teak branch. We are the pioneer to create a new design by using those new materials and promote our design to our existing customers. We are likely to get a miracle in fact that our existing Customers accept our new design and they said if the teak root and teak branch, as well as handicraft, will be booming in next few time on.

Finally from 2012 up to this time, we have been producing our furniture and handicraft by using teak root and teak branch as our main material. Now our Company is growing better than before and we employee around 150 people.